What the theme of your wedding or event is vintage?

Great, we love the gifts vintage wedding...but you know what the word means vintage:

To vintage we mean when items or accessories have certain age, therefore the details of vinta...


What the theme of your wedding or event is vintage?

Great, we love the gifts vintage wedding...but you know what the word means vintage:

To vintage we mean when items or accessories have certain age, therefore the details of vintage wedding or retro are those that remind us of another era.

In our online shop you will find hundreds of gifts from vintage wedding to your guests, from bottle opener with different shapes, key chains for wedding, mikados vintage, photo holder vintage, etc, we have them all at the best price.


You have chosen for your wedding as well as the vintage, romantic and bohemian, for us it is one of the best styles for weddings, for that, thank your guests attendance with a great vintage detail, not will be more.

The wedding gifts vintage or retro, are some of the most requested by brides in their wedding because they saves the style of the classic, but without forgetting the romance and the simplicity, creating a great decoration and making the place of the wedding a great movie scene.

Types of details vintage or retro

You already know the task, so complicated it can be choosing a good wedding gift original for your guests and at the same time that is useful to them, for this reason, the make a vintage wedding you can facilitate in a big way this work, I I assure you that if there is a great variety of gifts, vintage to your guests will be more easy to choice.

1. Handmade soaps for wedding

They are a great idea to give to your guests, in addition to that you can buy already made or, on the contrary, do them yourself, it is a very easy task, surely you will not regret.

The handmade soaps are the details very retro for your guests and in addition they are great to both guests, both for men as for the ladies, in addition to that you can decorate with a custom message on your label, it is a nice way to thank them for their presence at the wedding.

2. Fans and parasols

Wedding gift vintage that turns out to be a gift, very practical and simple, if you already about the date of your wedding and you have not yet chosen a good gift, vintage that combine with your theme, I recommend fans or pai pai even umbrellas are very vintage, I offer best stay during your wedding.

You can choose between several designs or models, there are many classes and types of fans that will be very well with your vintage style, so it is just a matter of putting just a little bit of time and pick out the best, tend to be wood and white to not desentonen with other details for vintage or retro your wedding.

3. Some sweets

If you are a sweet tooth and you want that your wedding is not missing, do not worry that you can include the best way in your wedding to be a part of a good sweet table, you can give as a gift vintage for your guests a bag of fabric with your favourite sweets.

It is an idea very innovative and original little used in weddings because that is not a traditional idea, but you do not worry, most of the people love the sweet, and therefore I like your idea.

4. Jam custom for weddings

We follow with our tonic sweet, but you know that the jam is one of the gifts original at the wedding that most is becoming fashionable, because the be a detail very vintage and food to the guests love it.

To give you an idea, the fruit of which to make the jam vintage can be a origin of place where the bride and groom, or your favorite fruit or by the opposite the place where you are known, play a little with the romanticism.

5. Liquor or mini bottles of alcohol

The give away liquor is a great idea for these weddings vintage that you want to please your guests, who does not want to drink a good artisanal liqueur on such a special day. You can to give an example mini bottles of Gin, or of Orujo of Galicia.

6. Plants

Lately it has become very fashionable, the fact gift a small plant, like a cactus or a jade at the wedding, the guests, the plants are a symbol of life, and by this turns out to be a detail so vintage.

Another good option is the give away seeds in a wedding to plant a beautiful plant, this way you will be helping the environment and complying with one of the rules of life: plant a plant is an innovative idea and very retro.

Advantages of giving away details vintage or retro in a wedding

It is always the theme vintage most nice and casual for everything, I don't know if I passed, but while a wedding more romantic is, everything looks so much better, well for us it is so, that's why if you want to give a gift original vintage, it is best to lean towards vintage or retro.

You can contribute with the environment and take the best face of your guests offering you a great tasting sweets or, on the contrary, offering them a good artisanal liqueur, prepared exclusively for them.

It is always good to remember where you have born, the place where your partner and you did you met to never forget where he was born this great love story, and better, share it with your guests on that big day.

What is the best detail to vintage or retro for a wedding?

The details that I've mentioned above are only some of the options that we have in our web page, you have to spend time looking at all the wedding presents vintage we offer because there are a lot, in addition to each week we update our catalog.

How important is it to give a detail to your guests?

It is clear that if it is just as important as what you can be the choose what sweets are on the table, or decoration you want, is a way of thanking your guests for their time, assistance, and companionship in that moment that you know that could be one of the best of your life.

A detail original to vintage, always will be remembered by your guests, so you can't have a party your wedding without including them in your budget.

Why buy wedding gifts vintage here?


Because we have the largest catalog of this type of details vintage market and especially with the best price.

Because, in addition, we give you 14 calendar days for the return if when you get there you just convincing.

Because if you came any of the products defective or in a poor state and so we changed it no questions asked, no problems.


Did you know that apart from these details of wedding vintage have wedding gifts as for example:

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