What are the protectors of heel or also the so-called cubretacones?

We manufacture a plug-in that placed on the heels to prevent sinking into the grass or any other uneven terrain, as can be the beach, land, holes in wood, and a long...



What are the protectors of heel or also the so-called cubretacones?

We manufacture a plug-in that placed on the heels to prevent sinking into the grass or any other uneven terrain, as can be the beach, land, holes in wood, and a long etc


Where you can buy protectors heel?

Very easy, on our website, to be manufacturers you are buying directly from the factory, without intermediaries the famous cubretacones or also called plugs for high heels.


What shape are the cubretacones?


Our cubretacones have the the shape of a heart, we have given you this way for two reasons:

1) Improves stability having more base than other forms.

2) Are more cuckis as if the theme of the event is a wedding, what more romantic than a heart?


Finally tell you that our protectors high heel are manufactured in SPAIN with the Certificate ISO 9001 Quality and you can choose between 10 colors of bags organza and 4 sizes.


Not to mention that it saves high heels are an ideal gift for any event, whether it is a graduation, a wedding, a religious ceremony, a baptism, a social gathering, work, a guided tour among many other occasions.

A practical example would be that you find on the day of your wedding and not necessarily the one you receive as a gift for you, if you do not want to give as a gift to your guests and family to be more comfortable in your celebration or special day, since you were dreaming of doing it outdoors on a farm, at the beach or even in the mountains and want everyone to feel at ease.



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Where to buy cubretacones?


What's better than directly to the manufacturer? We are manufacturers of cubretacones in Spain and we manufacture here for one reason only, for the QUALITY.


In Spain we can control the whole process of manufacturing so that the protective heels go perfect in addition to that we offer the best price of the market.


You know that the cubretacones..


they were invented in the USA in the year 1931 by Albert W. Given, so that the women could play mini-golf, at that time there was a need for the heels not to sink in the grass.


What material are made the protective of high heels?


They are made of a material plastic that performs several functions, has sufficient hardness to support the weight of the guest to the wedding or event and the time sufficiently flexible so that the heel can enter easily.


What presentation options are available cubretacones?


We offer two options to our clients:



The cubretacones unpacked, that are the protectors of heels without bag organza and without our label.


The cubretacones with bag organza and with our tag-explanatory, choose between 10 colors different bag.


The protectors of heels, or also called covers heel are objects that are implemented as a coverage additional in the heel of the shoe to prevent the they can sink into surfaces like grass, earth or sand. They are small accessories that will help you in certain situations specific, for which these will be your best allies.

What materials are made of Protectors of Heels?

The materials with which they are manufactured is the siliconeis a material that presents a high resistance to heat, moisture, and electricity. It is there where lies the difference between some salvatacones that we find in the market, the discrepancy between one and the other is marked by the material with which they are made, in addition to flexibility, point very important to keep in mind.

Differences between Cubretacones

The contrasts between the plugs heel, which is another synonym used to distinguish the other accessories are very evident; for among its main features include:

● Mild flexibility

● Firmness

By pointing out these features you can you know when one of these products have the quality you are looking for, by example:

The salvatacones of quality are resistant and to apply the necessary pressure to fit in the high heels, they will endure and not broken unlike their counterparts that have less elasticity and will break easily, which will be a real hassle if you are in the middle of a wedding or event.

To be manufacturers cubretacones we can offer a very affordable price, in our web page you can find them in various sizes and colors. You have to take into account if the event is in Spain many times the dimensions used in some countries, are not the same as yours.

An example of this is buy protectors high heels chinese present some difficulties in terms of the size, that is to say, if you purchase a save-heeled chinese and what tests they may not have the correct dimensions, and the size S is very small while the size M is too big.

Where can you use the protector high heels?

These protectors for heels are a accessory easy to carry so you can always use that need, are ideal for all those places where the soil is not you are asphalted, this way you will be able to walk with more security.

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Cubretacones Heart