In this section you will find our protectors-heel, bags, organza, mini whiteboards, custom labels and stickers for the shoes of the bride and groom.


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What's with the cubretacones?


The cubretacones or also called protectors of heels, though being a very small, very useful. We are manufacturers in Spain with Quality Certificate ISO 9001.


This add-in helps you to walk with safety, since their function is to not allow the heels to sink in the grass or uneven terrain in addition to serve to all types of heels with a diameter of between 8 mm and 16 mm.


If you enter into our online shop, you will find cubretacones custom, and may choose the color or size of your preference.


Traditionally, the more color used of the protectors of heels, but also the we have available in black color perfect for black heels.


Now with this small accessory, you can carry your shoes from heels to where you want. Whether in the city, in the park or in the field, thanks to the cubretacones, you will only have to worry about enjoying that day.


In this web page, we offer the best protectors of heels in the market. They come in various different sizes: extrapequeños, small, medium and large. You can also choose them according to the color you want: clear or black you can also choose between 10 different colours for the bags of organza.


The model cubretacones you want, you'll be able to purchase it at a price economic, only on this web site.


Advantages of using the cubretacones we offer


Use our cubretacones they have many advantages, among which stand out:


Your heels are kept clean and protected.

Prevent you resbales when you pass by a wet ground.

         Cushion when you walk.

They are very discrete, especially if you choose one transparent.

The protectors heels you can use them endless times.

They are very comfortable to take them wherever you want, since you can keep it in your perfectly in your bag due to its size minimalist.

Are perfect for any type of terrain.

What are they used for the protectors of high heels?

Its purpose is to avoid that the heel is sinking into the surface on which you find yourself, as well as also, it is used to protect the heel and prevent damage, by the environment that we are exposing. They are an additional support and this way you remove the risk of accidents such as bending the foot while walking and as well to avoid hurt yourself.

Types of Protectors heel:

Tend to have different presentations by varying their size can be:

● Plugs to heel very small 8-10 millimeters – Size XS

● Plugs for small heel of 10-12 millimeters – Size S

● Plugs for heel-to-medium 12-14 mm – Size M

● Plugs for heel-to-large 14-16 mm – Size L


Tend to be presented in different ways the most common are: made in plastic material/silicone transparent, slightly flexible, your packages or packs of cubretacones may include four sizes available (XS, S, M, L). Can be purchased without organza bag or with bag organza and with a tag of explanation where it comes from reflected the size, manufactured in Spain and our brand. In the packs cubretacones you can't choose the color of the organza bag but if you add them to cart individually, you can choose from 10 colors organza bag, with this, you'll be able to offer your invited salvatacones with the colors of the theme of your wedding or event.


Do not miss the opportunity to acquire your cubretacones at the best price only in this online shop.

They are the perfect gift for the invited to your wedding or event.

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