You know that..


the origin of the First Communion the difference is quite how it is celebrated today, but having exactly the same objective, that small children receive this sacrament. The Catholic Church thinks that the first communions began to fe...


You know that..


the origin of the First Communion the difference is quite how it is celebrated today, but having exactly the same objective, that small children receive this sacrament. The Catholic Church thinks that the first communions began to festejarse in the early days of the Christianity is so intimate as there is no record on large celebrations as today.


Are you looking for gifts for the communion of a child?


Great, this event has a great importance in the child's life so that should be up to the height in all respects, by loq if you're looking for gifts for the first communion of a child here, you're going to to be able to choose between different details of communion that we offer you.


Why should I buy the gifts of communion child here?


Why we take very seriously every order that we receive and we know the importance of that to reach what soon as possible and in the best state.


Because if you are looking for gifts communion for children in the English Court, we are not this large company but we can offer you the best assortment and better price than them, besides, if you need financing we have the payment method "Pay+late" for that you can pay for your order in comfortable installments.

Because you have 14 calendar days to to return your order if you are not satisfied and we do it without questions.


What types of gifts communion for children we offer?


We have a few orriginales gifts for children who celebrate their first holy communion as example a metal key rings with the shape of a cross in a nice box 2 neapolitan, key chains for communions with the shape of an angel, rosary beads for first communions, wood rosary, rossuaries silver first holy communion, click on each category of gifts child communion and you will see the different sub-categories we offer to you, all focused on unique gifts for child.


Looking for ideas for gifts of communion?


We all want to surprise in the communions that's why Daisyheels Cubretacones brings you a wide catalog gift of communion for children at the best price because we know the effort that you do, that's why we want to contribute with to have the prices of the gifts for communion as low as possible.


As original ideas of gifts communion both for the guests as for the guest of honor we can offer you for example:


- Original holder for communion child.

- All kinds of reminders communion and prints for communions.

- Prints for your guests to write dedications for your child.

- Cups for the communion child.

- Figures for cakes communion.

- Backpacks and rucksacks to give away to children communion.


We have shown you some examples of the gifts that you can give to your guests to Communion, remember that communion is only held once in the life for what it is an event very important, and the gifts must be to the height.


Have you seen the decor that we have for the first communions of children?


In this section of decoration and accessories for children celebrating their first communion you'll be able to encontraar for example glass jars with style vintage to assemble a candy bar full of treats the smaller guest, garland and lights to decorate any corner, as accessories for communions have example custom stamps with different shapes, chest of wooden souvenir of first communion, garland banner made of fabric perfect for decorating the communion of your child.


As any event the communions you can celebrate outdoor, to avoid that invited the communion to sink or dig their heels in the grass I want to offer you the cubretacones or also so-called protector of heels that we manufacture in Spain, with them, your guests will be able to walk on the lawn as if it were soil and soil their valuable high heels.



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We have lots of original key chains for communions, our key chains for communion for the child have original and different shapes and colors that will brighten that a day so special to both the child who partakes as to the guests who accompany this act so nice.

Looking for key chains for the first communion of a child?

Look No further, to have one of the most large catalogs of market in keychains are exclusive to child you can choose the model that you like.

How do we know the economic cost of organize a communion we have tried to adjust as much as possible to provide you keychains communion child cheap.

Looking for a detail of communion?

This detail of communion, the key chains children are unique gifts to give away apart from that they are useful, we believe that a gift to a guest or for a child of the communion has to be beautiful but, above all, useful.

Remember that Daiysheels cubretacones apart from marketing all sorts of details of communion is a manufacturer in Spain cubretacones, with this supplement, you'll prevent your guests dig in the lawn.

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Keychains communion child

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