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Daisyheels cubretacones is a registered trademark. Colloquially we call them "Daisys" and to distinguish them from counterfeit goods is engraved with the name of our brand and the letter size on the basis of the cubretacón. Each order of Daisyheels that contains a minimum of 60 pairs of cubretacones is accompanied by a pair of guards high heels of the Basic line of black or clear with organza bag and tag. It is understood as the order total of the cart by adding all the products, do not surrender a pair of protectors heel for every 50 pairs, only give away one per order). Only applicable to orders placed through this website. Not available through distributors

Returns and Complaints

For any return (no changes are accepted) you must contact the customer service via e-mail to the address indicating the reason for the return.
Returns will be accepted that meet the following requirements:

-The products need to keep intact its original seal or packaging.
-The customer shall bear the shipping costs in the event of a return, which must be paid directly to the transport company at the time of collection.
-The product to be returned must be properly packaged for return.


If the customer decides to return the purchased item, you must do so in the term of 14 calendar days which is the legal term for exercising his right to withdrawal, the product must be in perfect condition, understanding as such that the protection has not been broken or that do not have any symptoms of have been used or have not been offered/placed in an event-type wedding. Otherwise Daisyheels cubretacones shall not proceed with the return. The shipping to our offices shall be in charge of the client. In the case of a return Daisyheels cubretacones will be credited the amount you paid for your order but minus the shipping costs.

For the refund of the amount paid Daisyheels cubretacones have 14 calendar days from which the customer has notified us of their right to withdrawal. The General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users indicates that the user is the one who must bear the cost of returning the product to which you want to dismiss. Have in this link the information on the exercise of the right of withdrawal and also the model/form of withdrawal that you must send us in case of proceeding to the withdrawal. If you want it in WORD format (.doc) please send us an email to and you will send it.

In the case of an error on the part of Daisyheels cubretacones, we will proceed to make the change, without any cost on your part, by sending the product in the shortest time possible. In any case to return an item manipulated or worn by the action of the client.

If you observe any product in our website or the cost of transportation whose cost was 0 € (except store pickup orihuela) and although the customer add it to cart and/or process of the order and after checking Daisyheels cubretacones that the price is not correct it will void the order until you resolve the error with the correct price.

By placing an order you are given permission to Daisyheels cubretacones so that they give your name and e-mail to for this company to undertake a study of independent opinion on the web

The customer if you place an order and you subsequently want to add a product or change some of the information (transportation,delivery address, etc.) should immediately contact us via email or phone to proceed to add/modify the order. Please review your purchase before completing it. If the order has already left our warehouse it is impossible to change it.


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All orders that are efectuaen on our website are subject to the availability of the products. If any incident to their supply and/or if not in stock, we will immediately inform the customer and proceed to the refund of any amount that would have been able to have paid.

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