Details for baptisms


The christening is the most important moment in the life of the baby. It is the celebration to your family, friends and acquaintances, they will go with a lot of joy and devotion.

That is why, a christening, we must organize it very well, so that every detail is p...

Details for baptisms


The christening is the most important moment in the life of the baby. It is the celebration to your family, friends and acquaintances, they will go with a lot of joy and devotion.

That is why, a christening, we must organize it very well, so that every detail is perfect. And not only for the newborn, also for the guests.

There are many details for christenings that you can give as a gift, for this event will be remembered for ever, in the mind of all of the wizards.

This beautiful moment deserves to be remembered for you and for all the guests that to participate in this event.

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Buy the best details to christenings


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Gifts for christening


It is normal to look for and choose a gift for a christening let us think what will be the most appropriate. The act of baptizing your children is the sacrament through which man born to the spiritual life, which consists in submerging in water, and the invocation of the Holy Trinity (Father, son and Holy Spirit).

In addition, for these celebrations is a custom make a party with friends and family, where as a gesture of pleasure, happiness and gratitude will give away some gift by attending to the ceremony of the baptized. For this reason, if you want to give away some detail, but don't you know that you can be, I present to you some gifts that you can give to your guests at the christening.


Details for baptisms performed from home


This type of details tend to be more economic and creative choose, but you will need help and a few hands more, some color, glitter, sticker, cardboard and any material with which you can work creatively. Some gifts of the baptisms that you can find:

● Stickers and cards

You can customize your details of christening to get a touch more original, it is also one of the easiest ways to create a gift for a christening. In addition, in this type of details you can choose the content that you want to take the card, from the data of your baptized (date, place and time) until a message of thanks personalized for each guest.

Gives you the advantage of using any type of material that even you have at home to make these cards, which, together with creative stickers you can make of them even more beautiful. It is the fastest, simplest and best way of save money and time for a detail for a christening.

● Sheets of christening

It is a good way to surprise the guests with something comfortable to wear to any side. For this type of detail of baptism you must leave your imagination fly and creativity, to form funny phrases that accompany each one of the sheets. It is, without a doubt, an original and novel to give a gift of baptism.



● Simple to do

● Creative and fun designs

● Save time and money

● Variety of designs



● You must plan with time conducting this type of gift for a christening


Details of classic christening


This type of gift christening consists of buy a detail to decorate , or to have at home accompanied by a card which serves to identify/customize the detail with data such as (name of the baptized, the year and date), insurance that will delight your family and friends. Among this type of gifts you can find:


● Figures of baptism

figuras de bautiz

It is even one of the most simple and quick to choose. It basically consists in buying figures alluding to the act of baptism. You can then choose the color, the size, shape, and the diversity between the figures that you wish to deliver to your guests. These figures may be: babies, babies with balls football or a bottle, crosses, storks, babies with storks, among others figures.


● Custom details for weddings:

The personalized details of christening, allow you to give an object with which any person can remember later and say that it was a christening great. This type of gifts tend to be very original because they represent the parents of the baptized have been worried until in the smallest detail prepare for the christening.

You can choose to buy photo holder for christenings, candles, bracelets, bags, rosaries, key chains, scarves, stuffed animals, dishes, drawers, natural plants, kits, portraits, that of course must carry a card or a custom design that displays the information of the celebration of the christening (name, place, date).

The design of customize the detail is key in this type of gift, because it is not only give the gift if not the grace is in the fun and original way to customize it, that without doubt it will be of great pleasure to the guests.


Where to get the right place for customize your details of christening?


You're going to save time in your search in social networks and on the internet since Daisyheels Cubretacones you allows you to customize most of the gifts of baptism that we have on our website.



● Design novel and unique

● Easy to carry to any side

● Originality and usually like to guests


● You must allocate more budget to buy this kind of detail for christening


How do you know what detail for baptisms is indicated?


You should consider which are your priorities and your tastes, because this will depend on the detail that choose, is not the same as a christening with a theme of sailor a football themed. In addition, take into account the place where will carry out the activity of the celebration of baptism, for so it help you to choose the gift suitable for the occasion.

On the other hand, the main thing is to plan the ceremony and the celebration that you want to make, because with it you will be able to adjust the available budget and choose the way to perform your detail for friends and family.


Points to remember when choosing your gift for christening


● The place where they will do the celebration

● The number of guests, with this you will be able to find the necessary amount of details that you must perform or buy

● The sex of your children

● The comfort of a detail of christening chosen

● The time you must devote to choose the one that you like most


What is the way of making the right decision when to give a detail of a christening if you're the guest?


Without doubt, the celebration of the welcome of a new member to the family or friends is something to celebrate it big. That is why I made this type of holiday.

You must take into account two aspects fundamental to succeed with the gift. The first is the child, the baby or baptized, where there is not much problem since you have several options as a give away: toys, clothing, stories, shoes, products of personal hygiene, among others.

And the second aspect, it is the parents or organizers of the activity, where it is important to consider the needs that may have to get hit with the gift choose. Keep your comfort in mind when choosing the gift, your accessibility in the price and your tastes, so you'll be able to thank you for the gesture of having invited to this important meeting.