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Daisyheels cubretacones is a brand that is 100% Spanish. We are not a freelancer, we are a real company so you can rely on us. Beware of companies that do not advertise or not to publish their tax data because if you have a problem you can not claim. We are registered in the Register of enterprises of Distance Selling with the number 2014/1720/10/03/6/V of the Ministry of Economy.

Daisyheels cubretacones is a registered trademark. Our model of cubretacón has the shape of a daisy (Daisy in English) and colloquially we call them "Daisys" and to distinguish them from counterfeit goods is engraved with the letter "S" at the base of the cubretacón. In addition, each order or order of Daisyheels is accompanied by a blackboard with the shape of a heart (understood as the order total of the shopping cart by adding all of the products are not delivered a slate for each pair of heels protectors but for each order or order).

We have physical store in Plaza Poeta Sansano no. 7 of Orihuela (Alicante-Spain) you can pick up your orders and if you want to see samples of the products that we offer on the web.


Atención al cliente

We offer:

Customer service direct and immediate and professional, you can contact us through our email, via online chat or via the app Whatsapp, where you can ask any questions you may have.

Shipping costs are very affordable and conditions of sale multiple as bank transfer, paypal or credit/debit card.

An excellent quality in our products. We offer the same quality as that offered by our competition, yes, at a much better price.

Contacte con nosotros


You can contact us: info@cubretacones.com

or by phone in the hours of Monday to Friday from 10am.30 to 13h.30 and 17h.30 to 20h.30




Our data and tax address:

    • Rosario Garcia Lidon withCIF: 74160415-c

    • Plaza Poeta Sansano 7 of Orihuela (Alicante)

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For legal matters or relating to our trademark/patents, please contact:

c/Játiva 4
E-mail: sanzbermell@sanzbermell.es
Website: http://www.sanzbermell.com