Arriving that day so special, your guest will radiant but after so many hours of foot needs a rest their feet, it's time to pull out the dancers for weddings that with so much illusion you have bought.

In our online shop of gifts for weddings , we...



Arriving that day so special, your guest will radiant but after so many hours of foot needs a rest their feet, it's time to pull out the dancers for weddings that with so much illusion you have bought.

In our online shop of gifts for weddings , we have many dancers for weddings cheap because we know the cost of organizing a wedding, we will try to help offering you the best price.


Why buy ballerinas of weddings here?


Because we have a great variety of dancers for weddings, we have them in color white, of bronze colour, dancers of silver color, in different sizes according to the number of feet that fit her guest.

Are you looking for ballerina folding?


Look No further, we have several models dancers folding very cheap.

Our ballerina folding the you can buy in different colors, as the color silver, the white or bronze.

Being manufacturers we have very good prices on ballerinas folding wholesale where each dancer comes with his bag game, perfect for to give out to the guests.


Manoletinas Wedding

We have manoletinas for weddings of different colors and sizes, so that your guests can have a rest after an incredible feast.

For example we have manoletinas black, manoletinas white, manoletinas folding each pair with its own bag at the best price.


If you want your wedding to be unmatched, all that organizing must be totally original, and one of the most important aspects are your guests as if they they are happy, you are also what you will be. You must offer them a unique and unforgettable experience, but how can you do this? I we have already.

There are plenty of options details you can offer to your guests to spend a moment nice. I'll show you one of the details more original that you can offer at your wedding, the shoes and ballerinas offer your guests spend a moment fun and comfortable does not me you think? Continue reading and discover what's great about this detail.

What are the dancers?

The dancers are small shoes planes with a sweetheart neckline and rounded, very similar to the running shoes. Generally can be bent to be saved because this type of shoes used by the ballerinas of ballet, for this is practical and comfortable to use them and take them to any place.

Advantages of giving dancers in weddings or events:

Affordable: to be shoes simple and practical, its price is not high, tend not to worth the 5 euros.

● Comfortable: the flat shoes are ideal for dancing, your guests will thank you for it especially when the morning comes.

● Useful: your guests will be able to use them for another occasion, be sure that these shoes will not be in the oblivion.


Only for women: for obvious reasons, this detail will only serve to your invited, you will have to think of something more to offer to men and children.

What are the canvas shoes for weddings?

The canvas shoes are also shoes flat and simple. Unlike the dancers, they are not they can bend and are made of a canvas or fabric, so they are comfortable and refreshing at the time of use. Have a rustic style, by offering a perspective different to your celebration.


● Affordable: they tend to be quite economic due to the simplicity of their materials.

● Cooling: canvas will offer a fresh sensation in the feet.

● More stable: having the sole more thick, are more stable than the dancers.

● Unisex: you can offer them both men as well as women. Shoes for men are a little bit uncomfortable sometimes, there is that to think of them also.

Why give away ballerinas and espadrilles as detail of wedding?

Sure you might be wondering this, but the answer is very simple. The majority of the guests tend to wear high heels to the party, but as we all know after a time, use it is a bit awkward. In the case of men, they will have shoes very stiff and uncomfortable, and therefore will be able to pass a bad time especially at the time of dancing.

Offer this wedding gift it is excellent for both cases. Not all wear a pair of shoes for dancing, so to avoid hassles and dance barefoot, give away a few shoes and dancers will give a turn of 180 degrees to your celebration, your guests will have a excellent moment.

Considerations that you should keep in mind

As with any detail of a wedding, you must have certain considerations when choosing and buy the dancers and canvas shoes. Here I show you the most important:

● Make a list of your guests and ask for their sizes: it is important for you to know which size to buy, you won't want to give away the shoe and that is not the guest. Another option is to take the sizes varied, in this case, we will send according to our experience the number of pairs of each size.

● Evaluate the quality of the shoes: you must give something away quality, not go to damage in the hours of use.

● Choose a unique design and beautiful: you can combine it with the theme of your wedding, and search for designs and colours that best adapt to your tastes.

What kind of ballerinas and espadrilles you should buy?

There is a huge variety of models for this type of shoes. The differences range from the color, the materials and the type of each one as there are many variations to each shoe. Below, I will show you a list that you may have a idea of what to buy:

Dancers flexible or collapsible

This type of dancers for weddings prove to be the most practical and simple. To be flexible have the advantage of being able to be stored in your bag without occupy much space and carry them to any place. Ideal for this type of celebrations. Usually wear a bag to match the color of the female dancers.

Ballerinas with buckles

If you want to give a model more refined, this is the ideal for you. These dancers have a buckle that can be located both in the ankle and in the forefoot and offer your guests an elegant style while maintaining the convenience and simplicity, as well as prevent out of their feet.

Dancers anklets

A model that is more feminine and to the same time elegant. The dancers anklets offered to the guests that unique touch that will make it stand out from all. Have buckles that around the ankles in the form of a braid. Are comfortable and at the same time practical.

With respect to shoes, to be models are unisex, you can choose between a lot of models and designs, here I show you the most important:

Canvas shoes flat

It is the traditional design of the canvas shoes. Possess a flat sole and the canvas covers around the forefoot. Depending on the design serve both for women as for men, or better, you can find a unique design and offer it to both sexes, the idea it is to be original and unique.

Has its variants, which can be

● With shoulder straps that surround the ankle

● With buckles

● Platforms

Espadrilles with wedge

A design more adapted to women, the espadrilles wedge are a model comfortable and stylish. The wedge difference of the heel is usually not so high and is distributed all over the foot, allowing it to rest. It is an excellent idea to give to your invited.

Different designs

The espadrilles to be created with canvas, can have a variety of different designs with which you can play for offer your guests the best possible image. Between them you have:

● With Prints

● With Embroidery

● Unicolor

● With pedrarias

● With lace

The idea is to play with these ideas and design a unique style that is pleasing to them to your guests and can spend a night out comfortable and fun.

Now that we have shown the tips more general, it is time that you choose and will encourage them to offer this beautiful detail of weddings. We are sure that the ballerinas and espadrilles to attract attention at your celebration, and as you can see, it is a a gift that will endure in time, as it comes to be useful, original, and simple. Your guests will be happy to receive this detail.

Do you have any questions about the size or about that espadrilles for weddings to buy?


Don't worry, give us a call or send us an email with your concerns and we will help you as soon as possible.



Dancers for weddings, gift their guest some practical dancers or manoletinas for that day to be as comfortable as possible. We have dancers folding, dancers, manoletinas in different colors and different sizes. Dancers with bag. Canvas shoes for weddings.


Apart from these details of wedding we have other as for example:


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