The fans are a snap fashion and originating from the East made to relieve the heat in the wedding hot.


What type of hand fans for weddings we have?


We have in our online...



The fans are a snap fashion and originating from the East made to relieve the heat in the wedding hot.


What type of hand fans for weddings we have?


We have in our online store different fans for weddings, there are usually two types of fans:


the fans and fixed fans folding.


What models of fans folding for weddings there?


We have fans with phrases, fans white color, ceiling fans cheap, ceiling fans original, these are some of the models that we have.


Do you give away the brides fans in the weddings?


It is clear that if! to be a complement never goes out of fashion, in addition to the fans is thank you so very much not only when a guest at the wedding is in the garden, even in the Church or town Hall usually do to a lack of fans for the guests to the wedding.


What Búscas to surprise the guests at your wedding?


Then you can give away to your guests any of our models Pai Pai weddings, we are sure that you will love them since they're made with bamboo wood.


You are in the preparations for your wedding and do not know yes you can give away to your guests at the same with fans, or paipai, wondering if it is a good option or not, of course that yes, it is an excellent option, since this way you will give a gift to your guests will have a great use, even more if your wedding is outdoors and on a sunny day.

The fans are used by the society since many decades ago, and are transcending into the time without any problem, are an essential piece in your garments if you go to an event under the sun or in any beach or even crowded places closed.

Advantages of giving fans and paipai in weddings

Give a variety to your guests it is a detail of stylish and classic, allowing you to have a small present in way of thanks for having attended your wedding.

Likewise, giving a range of your guests will feel special and important in your wedding, a gift to thank her for her assistance always is fundamental, therefore, among the advantages of gifting a fan or paipai your wedding I mention:

● Give a gift of appreciation for having attended your wedding at a low price.

● You will be able to create personalized designs fans and paipai.

● Your guests will be able to withstand a hot day without any problem

● It is an original gift, and your guests will love

● There are many models and designs in the market, will choose the best for your wedding

● A classic gift, elegant and sophisticated for the comfort of your guests

 Types of fans for a wedding

abanico de madera para bodas

Currently there are many types of designs and materials used to create fans, between the fans of classic and most common are:

● Fans of fabric with rods plastic

● Fans made of fabric with wooden rods

● Fan-sandalwood

● Fan-sandalwood-draft

● Fans with rods of bamboo

● Fans minis

● Fans deck

● Fans of violin

● Fans of the magical

As you can see there are a great number of different types of fans, I recommend that you look the most the designs that are on offer and choose the model that most go with the style of your wedding, you're sure to find the best and most stylish for your invited.

Think of your guests

It is very important that you do feel special and important to your guests, it is our advice, there is no better wedding than the one I make more accomplices of the happiness of the bride and groom, you ought to think of a gift or detail wedding as a thank you to your guests.

Each wedding is unique and unique, I I assure you that your guests will not forget in no way your gift wedding, a stylish range or paipai, to your damsel I love it.

Make your wedding a unique moment and unforgettable is a task of the people who organize it, either yourselves or a person in charge of that (wedding planner), but always thou must think of the comfort of your companions in the celebration.

A fan, is the best gift for a wedding?

Always is nice to thank your invited by the company and by its presence in the special occasions, and your wedding-yes that is what it is, so if you are thinking to give a small detail to your guests, a fan I assure you that it is.

Fans from many years ago have been characterized by offering elegance and posture to your guests, making them look much more royal and sophisticated, therefore, if your wedding is elegant and at the same time in an outdoor venue, it is a a perfect option.

I assure you that the fans, will impress and will be a useful adjunct in the during the wedding, be quiet that is a good gift to your invited.

abanico para bodas

Designs that you can adapt to your wedding

The fans to give away at a wedding, should be preferably of a topic or designs that match the decor of the wedding, without forgetting the elegance and presence that you must have a fan.

The paipai are very easy to make, or if on the contrary you decide to buy them already made, you can choose between two to three models or designs similar to that combine with your decoration

The fans, or the paipai are the option more cost-effective

If you are looking for gifts wedding cheap and save a little more in your budget for the gifts of the guests, fans, or paipai are the best option, in addition being highly affordable, there are offers and great discounts if you purchase in large quantities.

Do not hesitate and choose the designs that best fit the decor of your wedding and your theme, whether a vintage wedding, or on the contrary a wedding much more stylish and sophisticated.

Recommendations for the time you choose your fans, or paipai for weddings

If you have finally made the decision to give away fans, or paipai to your guests, then you mencionare some tips or recommendations for ye may choose the best fans for your wedding.

1. You must take into account the amount of people who will attend your wedding to have a good budget intended for the same.

2. Observareis the theme or decoration that you have chosen for the wedding, so that in this way everything will go combined perfectly

3. Take into account where the wedding, whether outdoor, on the beach, a hall for celebrations or any terrace.

4. Will choose the designs and models of fans, or paipai that best fit the ages of your invited.

5. Ask for some opinion about the designs to your mother, partner, or any person who you are helping with all the preparations.

6. Relax and stop worrying completely, we are sure that your guests will love and at the same time give a nice different touch to your wedding.

Our designs into fans cheap for weddings

Here you will find a large catalog of designs that you can consider with calm, being able to combine designs and colors so that this way you can find the fans, or paipai indicated for your guests.

Based on the comfort, good taste and elegance that you must have a fan, and in this way to achieve represent and make it look much better to a guest I show the best designs of ceiling fans and paipai that you can find in our online store.


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