We like to offer to couples that are marry gifts unisex or gifts for weddings that are useful, as we don't want that gift that is given in a wedding keep it in a drawer without sense.

For this reason, we offer candles for weddings, candles for christenings or candle for communions or to any...



We like to offer to couples that are marry gifts unisex or gifts for weddings that are useful, as we don't want that gift that is given in a wedding keep it in a drawer without sense.

For this reason, we offer candles for weddings, candles for christenings or candle for communions or to any other type of event, our candles cheap are original models of candles to give as gifts to guests wedding or events.

Within our online store wedding presents you will find scented candles, candles with original forms, led candles, candles with funny phrases that will your guests have fun, sail-shaped wedding dress, candle for golden wedding, candles with phrases of appreciation for giving thank you for go to the event.

Why buy candles for weddings in our online store?


Because depending on the model and the time of year shipment can be in 24 hours or in maximum 4 days.

Because if you get any of the candles for weddings in bad condition or faulty we seek a solution actively solve the problem.

Because we want that day so special does not have any type of problems so if you are not happy you have 14 calendar days to make any changes or return.

Because we have the best prices and models of candles for weddings on the market.

Because our candles are unisex, it is a gift for weddings both for them and for them.


What types of candles for weddings there are?


In our website you will find different types of candles, perfect for all tastes:

- Scented candles: Provide a pleasant smell in the room where they turn on, the smell will depend on the fragrance of the candle.

- Candles with original shapes: this type of candles are fabricadaas with a very original way, for example, a candle with form of wedding dress.

- Candles with phrases: they we like, are candles with phrases, emotional or thank you by coming to the event or wedding, are very good if you want to give away a original detail to your guests.


How can I make the candles adorned for the guests?


Almost all of the candles for weddings that we offer already come presented in a cardboard box but if you still want to give it a touch of elegance you can wrap the box cardboard with some paper silk or colored paper, gold/silver.


Apart in the top of the candle for weddings you can place any of the stickers for weddings that we offer, so each candle will be a reminder of such a special day.

Candles for weddings


One of the most important steps for a couple, is the marriage, arrive at that decision is not easy, because you know that this will be one or thediscussions that will continue for all the life, so it is a very special event and where surely you want that they are present family members and close friends, to witness this act of love.

If you want to give to your guests a few special details, that they like and in turn is quite original, the candles are a good choice, because it is the details that can be delivered in a wedding quite different, in addition you can find ample choices in regards to candles is, whether the design, size, color, and even if you want it scented or any way in particular.

vela para bodas barata



The candles have meaning primary, the light, the light before the darkness, before the darkness, but it also represents the beginning of an alliance that you want to endure in eternity, since their investment has been a useful tool and with the passing of the years have also become a object of decoration and relaxation, it all depends on how it is used.

Give candles to your guests in your wedding, it would be a gift perfect, because it would indicate that you want to the greater light on your path. So if you are thinking of this option cheer up, because you are choosing an idea phenomenal. Then I want to introduce you some advantages of gifting candles to your guests:

● It is a wedding gift different, so that makes a nice custom.

● Are ideal for any gender, whether women or men, this gift is infallible, useful and is a gift unisex for wedding.

● Can choose between several models, aromas and sizes.

● They are easy to buy.

● Their prices are inexpensive and vary according to the detail that you bring.

● You can find ideas and pages that you help customize your candles for each guest.




If you are thinking of gifting your guests candles, but do not know which to choose or what is the most successful, you can be calm here we will help you to that you choose the best and of course the one that suits your needs. Below, I'll show you some types of candles for weddings that you can give away:




They are a source of relaxation, so that is an option ideal for your guests. Give away a few scented candles represents the tranquility and peace many of them are looking for when arriving from a long day of work and want to get a few minutes of rest and what better option than to through aromatherapy, and more so if it was you who obsequiaste so beneficial wedding gift.

The scented candles come in different scents, such as lavender, vanilla, jasmine, chocolate, roses, among other options that you can explore and buy. The aroma given off by these oils when lit provide benefits to the body, motivating you more towards positive side and releasing the stress of each part of the body.

velas aromaticas para bodas vela aromatica para regalar



The decorative details in the home or in the office are always fundamental to give personality and style. For this reason, it is ideal to gift candles decorative your guests to a wedding, plus you can vary according to the personality of each guest.

If you want to make the gift more personal, you can buy candles according to your profession or also can be according to the season of the year, as for example candles with floral details for spring or details of christmas in winter time, it will all depend on your imagination.




If you want to give away some candles more for the meaning than by the detail, the variety of color you allows this option, you must be wondering how is that?, well it turns out that each color has a special meaning, so that, if you want to convey a special message for each guest, you I invite you to use this alternative.

For example, if you give a blue candle these meaning tranquility, fidelity, and knowledge, but if what you want is to gift a candle of yellow this would give to understand that these transmitting joy and intelligence, as well as the color green which means good health, hope or perhaps the color red that indicates passion, motivation love, but also the white that paperwork peace, purity and cleanliness.




If you want to choose the best candles to give as a gift to your guests as a thank you in being present in the most important day for you and your partner, you can find in our online shop and under the warranty of Daisyheels Cubretacones the versatility of models, designs, and aromas that bring candles.

The best candles for weddings only you can find them according to quality and material processing they are made of, in addition if you are clear about what you want to give as a gift and the budget you have it will be easier to choose the best option.

Remember that in that important day the protagonists are you, the couple, and everyone will be pending the details of every moment from the entrance of the bride until the reception we are going to give, it never hurts to give a gift original, also let you feel your guests loved and appreciated by you and your partner, so they give away candles for this year 2020 is an option and infallible good taste, is only to choose the best.




What is counting with a pquotation specific for the gifts of your guests?, don't worry, if you are looking for internet options in references to candles for gifting in wedding, you will find a wide range of prices can easily fit your budget.

The value of the candles will depend on the aroma, or design that to bring, also of the material developed whether you wax or paraffin, it is just that you ponder the options and you can compare which is the best price adapts to you.


In our online shop for details of wedding other than candles for weddings we have the following gifts for the guests, to remind you that we are also manufacturers in Spain protective heels.

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