Daisyheels Cubretacones

The outdoor weddings are fantastic, but if grass during the cocktail or banquet this can become an obstacle to the guests. To prevent your heels to be buried and to degrade, why not give them some practical “Daisys”? A plug-in that will allow them to move freely without worrying about their shoes.

Daisyheels cubretacones is a complement that is placed in the heel of the shoes with Heart-shaped, preventing it from sinking into the grass and enhancing the stability in any other type of pavement such as dirt, cobblestone, gravel, sand, etc

Our cubretacones or also so-called protectors of heels are manufactured in SPAIN under the standards of the Quality Certificate 9001:2008 and served for shoes for party with high heels that have a diameter of between 8 mm to 16 mm Normally their shoes party will be between these measures as it is the standard measure. The model Heart is available in 4 sizes: Size XS 8-10 mm, size S 10 to 12 mm, the size M of 12 mm to 14 mm and length L of 14 mm to 16 mm

The “Daisys” is designed to not take up space in your purse party, we are sure you will be the center of attention if you are going to a party, wedding or event and put, sure that from this moment you can enjoy the lawn without worry around every turn for your high heels.

Protector de tacón