When we are in a wedding night is normal fill with wedding gifts to our guests, without however, we always tend to focus on adults, but What there is of the children?

It is because of this that we're going to show the latest on det...


When we are in a wedding night is normal fill with wedding gifts to our guests, without however, we always tend to focus on adults, but What there is of the children?

It is because of this that we're going to show the latest on details for wedding for children and it is of coloring products who does not like coloring? Up young people and adults enjoyed it.

What gifts coloring you can buy?

When we mention gifts for weddings, baptisms or communions coloring should not be limited in the large amount of alternatives that there are to offer.

It is for this reason that if you're in the preparations for your nostalgia wedding night you have to take into account buy the following products:

Backpacks coloring

How a backpack that is colored? It seems incredible that you can give your guests more special day of your wedding.

These backpacks come in a white color and a material that is completely washable which enables the children to color and function as a whiteboard, because with only washing-you can have a canvas blank where to exploit all the creativity.

There is a complete collection of designs, shapes and sizes don't miss the opportunity to get with you like it!

Mats for coloring

They are one of the most popular products, the duffel bag is a bag made of fabric that is widely used by be practice and allows you to carry objects to any part of a high degree of resistance.

Best of all is that the fun coloring does not end here and you can have your duffel bag with your respective crayons to give it the style that you like.

In addition, it would be a backpack all-in-1, because you can change the colors and combinations and have various styles for your kids are combined with your day-to-day. The mats for coloring you can give away at weddings, baptisms or communions

Bag for painting or coloring with colors

It is an option-traditional and all kids will love it for being very practical. This is a special kit for that they can demonstrate the artist within themselves.

This bag contains sheets with drawings in white accompanied by a box of pens or crayons for the children to paint. Bags decorate the you can offer as:

- Wedding presents for children.

- Gifts of baptism for children.

- Gift of communion for children

The aspect most striking is that there is of any topic they like children:

● Disney princesses

● Cartoon

● Landscapes

● Themes of movies and series Television

● Among others

Magnets Wood to paint

It is a innovation Who can say? It just a few figures made of wood that have magnets in the back so you can place them on any surface metal.

They are a fun alternative to all of the children will love them, in addition, is very representative and you can find a great number of designs.

What is your favorite? Without a doubt will be a detail of a wedding unforgettable for the children.

Apron coloring

If you really want to excel with your gifts wedding for children there is nothing better than an apron coloring. Can be interpreted as an object of protection for that the children won't get dirty, however, in this case it is a product custom, where you can color the apron with felt pens or crayons.

This is very good because it encourages children wanting to use, so if you want to surprise you all with a detail wedding unforgettable, don't forget to buy one of these magnificent aprons.

Case coloring in weddings

Did you know that the case for your pen is also a product for coloring? It seems unlikely but the truth is that we show these models of cases for keep not only pens but also small objects.

These kits come in the color white and have stamped drawings for children to color them as they wish. Are the gift of communion perfect for children although you can also give away at weddings or christenings.

Clock coloring

It is a model of clock special because its screen can be colored, this is something different that you can not let pass as a detail of the wedding.

Best of all is that it comes to the computer complete with everything and included the pen to be able to color, combine and fill the most spectacular images of animals, popular characters, cartoons, among others.

Tablecloths for coloring

Is our best ally as a parent to the time of eating, it is because of this that not only can you give them to your kids a placemat personalized for you to colorize to your taste but also something that is for the whole family.

So, if you want a gift wedding without any doubt, everyone will thank you for it don't buy tablecloths for coloring, definitely an innovation in the market.

Kites for painting or coloring with pen

Who hasn't felt the sensation of flying a kite in the air? You definitely are a traditional icon when we are children. However, it is the best detail for give away at your wedding because besides fly also can coloring to decorate to taste, and encouraging creativity.

Advantages of buying gifts for coloring

There are many benefits that have the offer the gifts to color as a detail of wedding to the children, so I'll mention the main reasons you will find the product that you like.

The main advantages are following:

A detail Universal

You don't have to look for girls or for children, is a gift unisex for children but that simply a product for coloring is something that we all love what makes it extremely practical.

Increases creativity

Not only will these gifts be in charge of encourage the creativity that you naturally have when one is small but that also allows children to enjoy a product customized according to your tastes, favorite colors and combinations of the same.

Low cost

Is one of its most appealing aspects because beyond providing an excellent gift for the fun for the kids as they have some great prices attractive.

What is the price of these gifts for coloring for weddings, christenings or communions?

The coloring products are the detail wedding more affordable, this means you don't need to spend a lot of money to be able to give a good gift to keep alive the memory of this night so special.

The unit even many of these products does not exceed neither the euro, so that you can give away something that the children are going to love because they are an important part of the event we must never stop overlooked.

So we invite you to review our web we have a wide range in products or gifts for coloring.

Do you want to entertain children at your wedding? give kids our details to color in weddings. We have bags to paint, backpacks, coloring kids, kites coloring children, figures, animals coloring wood with magnet, tablecloths for children to paint, led watch to paint.