Did you know that the pins for weddings they have different uses or different aims?


For example, you can give them away to all your invited to the wedding as a gift wedding or as a reminder of the event.




Did you know that the pins for weddings they have different uses or different aims?


For example, you can give them away to all your invited to the wedding as a gift wedding or as a reminder of the event.


Another great option is to give our pins wedding hand-made to the guest that do not have a partner, because the tradition says that if during the wedding falls to the ground, this pin will be the next to marry.


Why do we offer you bishops, wedding cheap?


Because before that entrepreneurs are people and we know the cost of organizing a wedding, that's why our margin is very small and we can offer you the best prices on pins for wedding.


What model of pin for wedding we have?


Since we have the pins hand-made, pins, personalized wedding, pins with butterfly shape, pins wedding original that will surprise everyone.

We also have pins with crystal Swarovski.


Do you not know how to present their pins wedding?


Do not worry in our online store of details of the wedding will already be pins wedding already submitted in carton, with tie to match.


If you're planning your wedding one of the wedding presents that you can give the guests could be a few beautiful pins, since it is a detail very elegant and classic, by giving it this touch to your wedding to not forget your traditions.

The pins are an amazing detail for the guests of your wedding, allowing them to be a beautiful and elegant memory of your wedding, in addition to insurance that use it in any other occasion.

Types of pins

As you know, the times and the modernisation of the wedding is a theme journal, but always it is the classical details do not go out of fashion, that's why include in the decorations of these, now that you are preparing to your wedding you can choose the pins that go more with the style of the same, among the different types of pins for weddings we have:

1. Pins classic

alfileres baratos para bodas

It is customary to mention the past as something classic, but you know that never goes out of fashion, the pins known as classics are those that have a teardrop shape or ball.

Can be of different colors and different materials, this kind of pins for cheap for weddings are mostly used to keep up the tradition of gift giving pins at the wedding.

2. Pins with different designs

alfileres de boda

Here come the pins classics, but with different designs, whether they are drops, butterflies, birds, diamonds, pearls decorated; they are very traditional in weddings and in addition give a great touch of elegance to your detail.

I remind you that the pins can be give as a gift alone or together with any other detail such as a placket of hand or some soaps, everything is left to your imagination and budget.

3. Pins jewelry

Here the pins for weddings stop being a little classic, these designs are very innovative and modern, trafficking of pins to which you can give them a touch of color, by adding colored stones that shine.


4. Pins of pasta

alfileres de pasta para bodas

These designs of pins for weddings are very original, are for brides daring and sophisticated, very out of the classic, if you are this way, so do not hesitate and choose these designs for your wedding, brides can opt for models flowers, butterflies, and simple designs full of colours.

Ideas to deliver the pins of wedding

If you have already chosen the design or the class of predido or needles that will give me at your wedding, that it is a very good news, but now you ask How you shall do to delivery?, do not worry here I will give you multiple options for delivering your on for weddings.

In the first place can do delivery of turned on at the time of the arrival of each guest at the reception, you can opt for delivery in a bag fabric or organza along with a thank you card to attend the event.

On the other hand, can make delivery personally at each table you, yourself, your partner and you, taking advantage of this moment to say thank you to the guests, inviting them to be placed on the pin so you can wear the celebration.

On the contrary, if you do not you can count on enough time and if you give a speech in a general way, thanking those present for their attendance, for their company and many of them by to be complicit in your history, you can opt for to put a buffet of wedding gifts, where each guest will be given their respective detail, in this case to your ladies the pins or it also called on all the wedding.

Advantages of giving away pins wedding

Apart from being a detail to your guests what keep in your home, it is a great tradition that dates back to many centuries earlier, the give a pin for wedding guests, it is a detail very original and yet classic.

The give on your guests is synonymous with thank you, your time you are involving in your time of joy and celebration, letting them know how very grateful we your and partner and you are for their assistance.

Apart from these broad-based wedding we have for example the following gifts for weddings:



donde comprar cubretacones bailarinas para bodas


Remember that you can find in our shop online the best pins for weddings on the market:


Regale your guests to your wedding a practical pin or turned on, we have different models of pins, pins in the shape of owl, pin-shaped dragonfly, pins, original and cheap.



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