We have the largest catalog of cups phrases for weddings or events in the market:


Custom cups.

Cups with fun sayings.

Cups with pictures.

Cups magical.

Cups of tea with phrases.



We have the largest catalog of cups phrases for weddings or events in the market:


Custom cups.

Cups with fun sayings.

Cups with pictures.

Cups magical.

Cups of tea with phrases.

Cups cheap


Do you know the good thing about giving away mugs with custom phrases?


Because it is a wedding gift original unisex, and particularly useful, as it is a gift that you'll be able to use every day for example breakfast. If you are looking for a cup that gets a smile out of your guests, I recommend the cups with funny phrases, each cup carries a sentence alegre original.


Why buy mugs with phrases in Daisyheels Cubretacones?


Because we care, because your order arrive at your destination as soon as possible and in the best conditions.

Because if you get any cup personalized with any damage you change it without questions.

Because we do the shipping as soon as possible, between 24 hours and 4 days.

Because we know that weddings are expensive, you we offer the best prices on the cups with phrases or cups custom.


Do the cups with phrases that ofreceis is can be washed in the dishwasher or use in the microwave?


Yes, most of our cups with phrases that we offer you in our online shop you will be able to use them no problems in the dishwasher and use them in the microwave.

In any case we advise you to always that you read the description that appears on the tab of product of the cup with phrases cheap.


What material are made the cups with phrases that vendeis?


Our mugs with phrases motivating are made mostly in ceramic with a trim level of the AAA, which means that you do not often carry imperfections and that the design or image that is shown is good definition.


Do you have personalized mugs for weddings?


Yes, we have several models of cups custom, possibly see a white cup with some example of personalizacíon.

If you want you can send us the image end that you want to print on the cup or the text you want.

This type of cups with phrases or custom images you have to order with a minimum of 15 working days.



How do I make the cups for weddings or how they deliver to the guests?


Most of our cups weddings come presented in a box of cardboard kraft (or white).

The form of presentation of the cups with phrases depends on the time you have before of the event or wedding, if you have time I advise you to involved each one of the cups you are going to give to the guests, for example, with a good paper, silver or gold color or other color that stands out.

Once you have wrapped the cup with phrases or customized, you can put any of the stickers for wedding gifts that you we offer, if you want to you can customise with any image mándamos an email and we studied it.


Cups for Weddings

The cups are a creative way of innovate in the world of weddings, it is a detail by very few couples swayed in their celebration, but that can be more original than other gifts that you can choose to deliver in a wedding, and even more representative and important because more than a ornament what you can use when you want to. That is to say give away cups with phrases or customized guarantee you an original gift and at the same time useful.

This detail is very simple and consists of cups for memories of weddings, made with ceramic, usually white because then you can use the technique of sublimation and so choose the design that you have chosen for your wedding. The most of these mugs with phrases can be used in a microwave and a dishwasher without being damaged.

Benefits of giving away personalized mugs the guests at the wedding

Give away cups is a nice detail that you can do to your loved ones. Currently you can design or customize it to your taste and give as a gift on any celebration going to do, as is in the case of weddings.

Give a cup in your wedding is a detail very practical and genuine you'll be glad about all the morning of to whom the gifts will be as a kind of reminder of your wedding, that if he is a good friend she will be fine by the new step taken, and that for you is important.

Later I'll introduce you to some of the benefits in more detail than may be the simple reason give the gift of a simple cup to your guests.

✔ The cups are a instrument very functional-unlike other gifts that only you can use as an ornament in your house.

✔ It is a gift for practical weddings.

✔ The cups can have phrases that representing the couple as well as marriage in general, which can serve as an impulse for those couples that still have not been decided to give that all important step.

Are modern because is the development of personalized mugs for weddings, so they are very original.

✔ Give away cups is a detail that serves for women and men so that none will feel discriminated against time to use it, since it is usually the gifts they give to the guests of the wedding is more for women.

✔ Normally, the cups are very good quality so will last many years who is the gifts.

✔ Like the photographs, the cups for wedding memories are a nice detail that you can give your invited in a special way, in order that, whenever the use remember the nice time lived in such a celebration.

Types of cups for weddings

There are several models of cups that you can find in our web page, and that is why you facilitaré the information on how to have more notion to buy them for your wedding, and so don't waste your time on the choice of any of them.

Ceramic mugs

It is one of the most common types that you can find. These cups for weddings are very resistant due to its composition, does not it is oxidized so it is a good advantage of these cups and will not fade its natural color, but the ones that are decorated over time if it you can fade the design. On the other hand, these do not get germs or bacteria with ease.

Porcelain cups

They are more elegant and thin that the previous, as well as better quality and higher price for the material of which they are made. These cups are capable of withstand high temperatures without being damaged.

Cups of enamelled steel

Also known as cups pewter, which have a very good ability to resist temperatures as high as approximately 400 ° C, so that can also be used to heat directly into the kitchen. They are produced of a good quality and your material does not have pores.

Cups borosilicate

They are developed by a sort of glass that supports the increase of the temperature. Your feature main one is that they tend to be very thin and elegant, so it would be a good gift for the guests at your wedding or any another celebration.

Drink a cup of coffee or tea at first time is one of the greatest pleasures of life, by what you give a cup tea with a strainer or a cup custom these to your friends and family in your wedding will give you a greater enjoyment.

How will I indicated earlier, the cups there may be of various materials and designs, but, before buy a gift for someone you must take into account especially the quality and therefore its material, as not all have the same ability to resist heat and to keep it for that degustes more your content.

The cups to fit the design of your wedding you can customize, by placing the reason most os like, the phrases, photographs of the bride and groom or any design your choice, making it look like a detail authentic to the wedding, that will give much to talk about.

Do not forget to give away cups your wedding, as it is an important detail for the guests, because that is a piece very useful for them and which do not will remain as a gift that only serves to decorate the home or something like, without giving a real use to the person. So I would suggest that you do not think about it more and give away mugs with phrases on your wedding.

It is worth mentioning that, the age of 25 and 50 years married is not an easy task, does not meet all of the world and much less all of the days. It is for this reason that you should celebrate it with a height and elegance, giving a detail that is representative of the celebration, by what I recommend to give away cups of silver wedding cups and wedding of gold, this being a detail from the genuine to the special occasion.

For this occasion you can choose a model of cups containing the anniversary of the wedding, the date of the marriage and the current, as well as the names of the spouses. A simple detail to give a gift that is filled with a lot of meaning for the couple and the guests, the latter being normally family and friends nearby.

If you have not read our blog, there you will find a article "Mugs with phrases, ideal gifts for guests", where we talk about the cups with phrases

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